This artist covered a broad range within his career, from feminine portraits to military based depictions of pain and misery. He enjoyed challenging himself and also attracted a variety of donors during his career. There were also more complex compositions of historical themes that also star amongst his highlights.

There are around one hundred Jacques Louis David paintings still in existence plus many more study drawings of varying detail. In some cases the most famous artworks from his career are that way because of the people involved, rather than the quality of the painting itself. See the portraits of Napoleon for examples of this.

His work is bright but classical, ideally suited to framed prints, perhaps with an inlay mat to separate the inside of the frame from the print itself. The style of frame to go for will depend on the content of the piece as well as the surrounding elements of wherever it is to be hung.

The Neo-classicists and Romanticists from this period of French art hold strong reputations with art historians. It was perhaps the finest time for art in this region, although the impressionists were also particularly significant. Besides print reproductions from the work of Jacques Louis David, you may also enjoy Eugene Delacroix prints or Theodore Gericault prints.

The full output from David's career is available from several different retailers online, thanks to the copyright free nature of art from this long ago. Some may even select a cropped area of detail from a larger piece, with many of his paintings have just so much visual work right across the composition.